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Sesamol (533-31-3)

May 7, 2021

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Status:In Mass Production
Unit:1kg/bag, 25kg/Drum

Sesamol (533-31-3) Specifications

Molecular Formula:C7H6O3
Molecular Weight:138.12 g/mol
Melt Point:62 to 65 °C
Boiling point:121 to 127 °C
Chemical name:1,3-Benzodioxol-5-ol



Half Life:N/A
Solubility:Soluble in water
Storage Condition:0 – 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months)
Application:Sesamol, a nutritional phenolic antioxidant compound enriched in sesame seeds, has been shown to have potential anticancer activities.
Appearance:white to off-white crystalline powder


Sesamol (533-31-3) NMR Spectrum

Sesamol (533-31-3)

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What is Sesamol (533-31-3)?

Sesamol is a phenolic compound found in sesame seeds and sesame oil and is regarded as a major antioxidant component in the oil, to prevent the spoilage of oils.  It also may prevent the spoilage of oils by acting as an antifungal. Sesamol sparingly soluble in water, but miscible with most oils.

Sesamol powder is extracted from Sesamol seed which has tons of capabilities to offer different benefits for the users.  This powder contains antioxidants, which prevent the oil spoilage by acting as the antifungal and protect your body from the damages of free radicals. Sesame oil is highly utilized in Ayurveda medicine to cure several health issues without any side effects. This power possesses several pharmacological properties that include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. Sesamol, a nutritional phenolic antioxidant compound enriched in sesame seeds, has been shown to have potential anticancer activities.


Sesamol (533-31-3) benefits

Antioxidant Surname

Antioxidants are compounds that prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals. Free radicals often lead to oxidative stress which has been linked to causing inflammation and other disorders. Sesamol antioxidant is found in sesame oil and play a vital role in protecting cells from oxidative damage.

In a study of 30 male Wilstar albino rats, Isoproterenol (group ISO) was used to induce the oxidative myocardial damage. Sesame oil given orally at 5 and 10 ml/kg body weight showed the protective potential of Sesamol through decreased thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (TBARS) and enhanced the endogenous antioxidative activity.



Bacteria are microorganisms that can be found nearly everywhere. They can be beneficial or harmful leading to disorders such pneumonia, urinary tract infections among other diseases. Sesamol has anti-bacterial effects which makes it a beneficial compound.

Studies have shown the antimicrobial activity of Sesamol compound against several bacterial and fungal pathogens.



Inflammation is a beneficial process of the body defenses against foreign factors such infection, injuries and toxins that aid in healing. However, chronic inflammation which occurs when the body remains in this state of alert for long could have negative impact on the body.

Sesamol supplement is known to have potential anti-inflammatory properties.

In a study with rats, Sesamol supplementation was reported to reduce systemic lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced lung inflammation through inhibition of the alveolar macrophage inflammation response in rats. Sesamol led to a decrease in lung injury and edema.


Antitumor effect

A tumor refers to a mass of tissues that result from the growth of abnormal cells (cells that grow and the body doesn’t need and unlike normal cells they don’t die). Although not all tumors are cancerous, it’s worthy eliminating them where possible.

Several researchers have reported that Sesamol possesses some anti-cancer effects. Sesamol has been demonstrated to induce apoptosis in various cancer cells.

Scientific studies have shown that Sesamol leads to induction of apoptosis in human liver cancer cells by disrupting the membrane potential, hence mitochondrial dysfunction.


Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common condition that could cause disorders such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), kidney disease and stroke.

Evidence tabled at an annual meeting of American heart Association indicated that Sesamol has the ability to lower blood pressure. The study involved 133 women and 195 men with hypertension. After being subjected to Sesamol supplement for sixty day, their mean blood pressure fell within normal range.


Sesamol (533-31-3) uses?

  • High in antioxidants
  • Has strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Good for your heart
  • May help control blood sugar
  • May help treat arthritis
  • May help heal wounds and burns
  • May protect against UV rays
  • May improve sleep quality.
  • Topical application may relieve pain.
  • May improve hair health.


Sesamol (533-31-3) application

Sesamol is a natural organic compound which is a component of sesame oil. Sesamol has been found to be an antioxidant that may prevent the spoilage of oils, and may protect the body from damage from free radicals. It also may prevent the spoilage of oils by acting as an antifungal. Sesame oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine and sesamol may play a key role in this traditional field. Sesamol possesses a number of pharmacological properties which include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. Sesamol pretreatment offers radioprotection and prevents radiation induced chromosomal aberrations in human blood lymphocytes.


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