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J-147 (1146963-51-0)

May 7, 2021

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Status:In Mass Production
Unit:1kg/bag, 25kg/Drum

J-147 (1146963-51-0) Specifications

Molecular Formula:C18H17F3N2O2
Molecular Weight:350.341 g/mol
Melt Point:177-178°C
Chemical name:2,2,2-Trifluoroacetic acid 1-(2,4-Dimethylphenyl)-2-[(3-methoxyphenyl)methylene]hydrazide
Half Life:1.5 hrs in plasma and 2.5 hrs in brain
Solubility:Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO and to 100 mM in ethano
Storage Condition:0 – 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months)
Application:J-147 powder is a new experimental drug that is being developed as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.
Appearance:White of off-white powder


J-147 (1146963-51-0) NMR Spectrum

J-147 (1146963-51-0)

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What is J-147 (1146963-51-0)?

J-147 powder is a new experimental drug that is being developed as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. So far, the tests done on mice show a lot of promise. J147 has reported effects in reversing the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s in mouse models. J147 takes a different approach compared to several other Nootropics and Alzheimer’s drugs. J147 tries to remove plaque deposits in the brain. Researchers also note that J147 has the potential of addressing several other biological aging issues, not just memory loss. The drug may help to prevent leakage of blood from microvessels, as shown through mice trials done so far. The drug was first developed in 2011. Ever since, tests have been conducted on mice but we haven’t seen any broad human-based clinical trials. However, some research published last year paints a very good picture of how J147 works within the human brain. According to the paper, the drug binds to protein mitochondria. The Mitochondria cells are often responsible for generating energy. The action of J147 on them enhances cell regeneration. This regeneration is crucial in reversing memory loss and enhancing overall cognitive health.


J-147 (1146963-51-0) benefits

May Reverse Degenerative Brain Disorders

J147 has shown a lot of promise in reversing the effects of neurodegenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and others. In tests done on mouse models so far, the drug has shown very positive effects in dealing with these conditions.

J147 works by helping cells in the brain regenerate, making them younger and more functional than older cells. However, it is important to note that no human trials have been done on the effects of J147. Hopefully, that will happen soon but the drug is still available for sale as a powder in selected online vendors.


Improves Mitochondria Action and Longevity

J147 works by binding into the mitochondria, the cells that are responsible for generating energy in our bodies. The action of J147 helps to prevent oxidative stress in mitochondria cells, leading to better cell function and longevity.

J147 also helps to reduce toxic metabolites that may cause cell excitotoxicity, the process through which cells die by getting too over excited. This allows your cells to remain new and healthier for a longer time. In fact, some trails done on animal subjects showed that the administration of J147 on fruit flies prolonged their lifespan by 9.5 to 12.8%.


Improves Memory

J147 has also shown a lot of promise among test mouse models in enhancing memory. The drug even helped to reverse severe cognitive deficits in older test subjects during research studies.

Researchers believe that these effects can be replicated in human subjects. There is also some evidence suggesting that J147 could be explored as a possible treatment for spatial memory.


Protects Neurons and Helps the Brain Grow

J147 also has neuroprotective properties that prevent oxidative action within cells. This helps to protect neurons from possible damage. J147 may also be a trigger for brain growth. J147 may also improve synaptic plasticity in the brain, leading to growth.


J-147 (1146963-51-0) uses?

Boosts Cognition

J-147 supplement enhances spatial and long-term memory. The drug reverses cognitive defects among the elderly who are struggling with cognitive impairment. J-147 for sale is available as an over-the-counter dose and the younger generation is taking it to boost learning capacity. Taking J-147 anti-aging drugs will also enhance memory, vision, and mental clarity.


Management of Alzheimer’s Disease

J-147 benefits patients with Alzheimer’s by slowing down the progression of the condition. For instance, taking the supplement trims down the levels of soluble beta-amyloid (Aβ), leading to cognitive dysfunction. Besides, J-147 curcumin modulates neurotrophin signaling to guarantee neuronal survival, hence, memory formation and cognition.

Patients with AD do have fewer less neurotrophic factors. However, taking J-147 Alzheimer’s supplement boosts both NGF and BDNF. These neurotransmitters aid memory formation, learning, and cognitive functions.


J-147 (1146963-51-0) dosage

Different studies have used different dosages on mice, but one of the better-reviewed studies gave mice 10 mg/kg of body weight per day. Another study used dosages of 1, 3 or 9 mg/kg, and found dose-dependent effects, with the higher dosages working better.

However, translating this to a human dosage requires adjusting for body surface area. According to the most commonly-used conversion formula, a human-equivalent dose should equal the mouse dosage divided by 12.3–or .81 mg per kg of bodyweight per day.

That’s .36 mg of J147 per pound of bodyweight per day. This would be 36 mg a day for a hundred-pound person, 54 mg for a 150 pound person, or 72 mg for a 200 pound person.

However, other studies have found positive results from even lower dosages, and given that J147 targets the brain, it’s not totally clear that dosage would scale perfectly based on body size.

As such, these numbers should be viewed as upper limits, and there is every reason to believe that 10 to 20 mg a day should be enough to have some effect.


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