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Anandamide VS CBD: Which One Is Better For Your Health? Everything You Need To Know About Them!

September 9, 2020
What is Anandamide(AEA)Anandamide(AEA), also known as the bliss molecule, or N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA), is a fatty acid neurotransmitter. The name Anadamida (AEA) is derived from the Sanskrit of Joy “Ananda.” Raphael Mechoulam coined the term. How, along with his two assistants, W. A. Devane and Lumír Hanuš, first discovered “Anandamide” in 1992. Anandamide (AEA) is a great fix for a lot of o...
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Everything You Need to Know About Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride

August 22, 2020
If you are looking for a vegetarian Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride supplement, we recommend Cofttek Nicotinamide Riboside supplement. The manufacturing company deals only with Nicotinamide Riboside supplements and therefore, one can rest assured that the supplements created by the company are of very high quality. The Cofttek Nicotinamide Riboside supplement comes in easy-to-consume capsules, which are quite easy-to...
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Magnesium L-Threonate Supplements: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

July 31, 2020
If you are looking for a good Magnesium L-Threonate supplement, we recommend buying the Magnesium Threonate powder from Cofttek. The company claims that its enhance the bioavailability of magnesium to the body. The company also claims that the powder provided by the company support memory function and enhance overall cognitive function. They also help users sleep better. Cofttek is Anandamide (AEA) suppliers who wil...
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